Grateful Dead - Dick’s Picks Vol. 22—Kings Beach Bowl, Kings Beach Lake Tahoe, CA 2/23-2/24/68 (2CD)


Relatively few concert recordings exist of the Dead at this early stage of their career, which is reason enough to add this Pick to your collection, but when you consider that these two nights of shows include the ENTIRE set of songs from the as-yet-unreleased album Anthem of the Sun (with several of the tunes appearing in an incredible, never to be duplicated medley of "Alligator" /"China Cat Sunflower" /"The Eleven"/"Caution"/"Feedback") and an early version of the classic "Dark Star" medley (with "China Cat Sunflower" replacing "St. Stephen" as the song between "Dark Star" and "The Eleven"), Vol. 22 rises into the indispensable category. A 19-minute "Viola Lee Blues" just adds to the appeal for those who favor the raw, bluesy, experimental edition of the group this 2-CD set skewers those Dead detractors who dismiss the band as purveyors of pretty hippie music (and if it's pretty hippie music you're after, you've been warned!). Out of print for years, finally available at retail again.

Disc: 1

  1. Viola Lee Blues

  2. It Hurts Me Too

  3. Dark Star

  4. China Cat Sunflower

  5. The Eleven

  6. Turn on Your Lovelight

  7. Born Cross Eyed

  8. Spanish Jam


Disc: 2

  1. Morning Dew

  2. Good Morning Little School Girl

  3. That's It for the Other One

  4. New Potato Caboose

  5. Alligator

  6. China Cat Sunflower

  7. The Eleven

  8. Alligator

  9. Caution

  10. Feedback

Release date 07.10.20