Grateful Dead - Blues For Allah (special edition)


The Dead came back from hiatus with this organic album, which they entered the studio to record without any material or direction in mind. The result is one of their best studio efforts, boasting the epic "Help/Slip/Frank" combo plus "The Music Never Stopped" and "Crazy Fingers," along with a host of mystical instrumentals that have a dusty, foreign atmosphere. Bonus tracks are included on this reissue!

1- Help On the Way/Slipknot! mp3
2- Franklin's Tower mp3
3- King Solomon's Marbles mp3
4- The Music Never Stopped mp3
5- Crazy Fingers mp3
6- Sage & Spirit mp3
7- Blues For Allah/Sand Castles & Glass Camels/Unusual Occurrences In the Desert mp3
8- Groove #1 (outtake) mp3
9- Groove #2 (outtake) mp3
10- Distorto (outtake) mp3
11- A to EFlat Jam (outtake) mp3
12- Proto 18 Proper outtake) mp3
13- Hollywood Cantata (outtake) mp3

Originally released 1975 - reissue March 7, 2006