Grateful Dead - Birth Of The Dead (2 CDs)


A must-have for any Deadhead! This is a collection of rare pre-Warner Bros. recordings and even Warlocks recordings. Raw and immediate, these recordings are full of the spirit that would later make them legends.

Disc One: Studio Sides:
1- Early Morning Rain
2- I Know You Rider
3- Mindbender (Confusion's Prince)
4- The Only Time Is Now
5- Caution
6- Can't Come Down
7- Stealin'
8- Stealin' (vocals)
9- Don't Ease Me In (instr.)
10- Don't Ease Me In (vocals)
11- You Don't Have To Ask
12- Tastebud (instr)
13- Tastebud (vocals)
14- I Know You Rider
15- Cold Rain And Snow (instr)
16- Cold Rain And Snow (vocals)
17- Fire In The City

Disc Two: Live Sides:
1- Viola Lee Blues
2- Don't Ease Me In
3- Pain In My Heart
4- Sitting On Top Of The World
5- It's All Over Now Baby Blue
6- I'm A King Bee
7- Big Boss Man
8- Standing On The Corner
9- In The Pines
10- Nobody's Fault But Mine
11- Next Time You See Me
12- One Kind Favor
13- He Was A Friend Of Mine
14- Keep Rolling By