Gran Torino - Two CD

The eight multi-instrumental men pushing Gran Torino cut their chops on old school Rhythm and Blues, rock, jazz and funk. "I like the concept of trying to bring back a more classic R&B sound- a sound that's missing today," explains Chris Ford, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for GT. Imagine what would happen if all those records on your shelf, the ones with Stax/Volt, Casablanca and Blue Note labels somehow infected each other. When the four--piece horn section throws its soul out over two hard-charging guitars, it's like gasoline on a fire. Fanning the flames are bass, piano and organ. These guys are tighter than the jeans you wore in high school. It's a sound that builds upon itself, and spreads through any audience. Help spread the word, and experience Gran Torino for yourself.

Track List:
Coup d'etat
Moments with you
Are you Livin
Make it
Days of the tested
Meloday Maker
Fall from the Night