Graham Whorley - Permission to Think CD

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With the December 2011 release of Graham Whorley's sixth independently produced album, Permission to Think, and a new thirty minute documentary of the same name, produced by MPA Productions, now streaming for fans on YouTube, Graham Whorley is poised to make an indelible mark on the national scene and expand his Lowcountry roots. The new 14-track album features custom artwork from world renowned graffiti artist, Ishmael. Permission to Think challenges us to consider ways that break down walls, perceptions, and illusions that stop us from reaching our true potential. Throughout, Whorley speaks from experience and carries us along for an unforgettable musical ride ranging from the soul searching title track, "Permission to Think" to the experimental and lively, "UFO." Whorley spent the last two years crafting the album in Virginia with longtime friend and engineer, Roger Reynolds on the mixing board, who recently joined Whorley to set up shop in Charleston. Graham took on the daunting prospect of composing all of the music, writing all the lyrics and playing all of the instruments on this new project while his three-piece band, The Graham Whorley Band, underwent a transformation due to touring conflicts with former GWB members. The result of Whorley's hard work is a fresh, enticing notion of universal themes and timeless songs that beg to be heard again and again.

Track List:
The Gate listen
These Things listen
Listen listen
Drums listen
Words listen
No One Knows listen
Crow's Feet listen
Time listen
UFO listen
Permission to Think listen
Stick listen
Devil's Beating His Wife listen
Sugar Babe listen
Thanks for Listening listen