Gatos Blancos - Live at 2018 Peach Music Festival (2CDs)


A Vermont band raised in Pennsylvania dedicated to contributing sounds for the greater good of the world wide musical community. Gatos Blancos formed when Pappy (Cabinet) decided to link up his friends from PA currently living in VT.. He called on Justin Mazer (Ryan Montebleau Band) and John Kimock (Mike Gordon Band) to see if they would want to get together. Soon enough Al Smith (Brad Parsons Band) and Dylan Skursky (Cabinet) would join. This made sense as Justin, AL, and Dylan already had a working trio Starbird. They set up a couple local shows and a recording session in Vermont and came out with some great sounds. Great sounds keep being made and Gatos Blancos continues on.  You may find them with a different drummer due to scheduling from time to time. They have played and can be seen with drummers like Russ Lawton (TAB), David Butler (Marco Benevento), and Nathan Graham (Midnight North). In any form these gatos are dedicated to experimenting with their craft and putting out real sounds into the airways for all to hear, enjoy, and share.