Galactic - Vintage Reserve CD

Galactic and Volcano are proud to announce the release of Vintage Reserve, an assortment of Galactic's now classic, signature material mixed together with previously unavailable studio cuts and live gems. This retrospective compilation will chronicle some of the band's finest material as well as include several standout tracks, made available to American fans for the first time. The previously unreleased song, "The Green Minute" an outtake from the Late for the Future sessions, makes it's first recorded appearance on this collection. Also featured on this collection are two incredible live performances, culled from the band's first annual Mardi Gras event "Carnival Electricos," which display the band's penchant for musical exploration with a variety of wildly diverse collaborators. Previously only available overseas until now, is the definitive Galactic version of the Mardi Gras Indian Traditional "Sew Sew Sew" performed here with Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and The Golden Eagles as well as The Lil' Rascals Brass Band. Also, from the band's now legendary Mardi Gras blowout, is a version of the live fan favorite "Doo Rag," which captures Galactic pushing the envelope of multiple genres, as they are augmented by the Triple Threat DJ's Apollo, Vinroc and Shortkut. All songs have been digitally remastered and it includes liner notes from the band about each track, making this collection a must have for the long time fan as well as a good entry to Galactic for the first time listener.

1- Welcome To New Orleans
2- Something's Wrong With This Picture
3- Doublewide
4- Tighten Your Wig
5- Century City
6- Jeffe 2000
7- Go Go
8- Start From Scratch
9- Bobski 2000
10- Get A Head On
11- The Green Minute
12- Metermaid
13- Quiet, Please
14- Sew Sew Sew
15- Doo Rag