G. Love and Special Sauce - Superhero Brother CD

For a limited time while supplies last, the CD version of Superhero Brother comes with a separately packaged bonus EP - "Won'tcha Come Home" - featuring 4 songs from the Solar Powered Plastic Plant with G. Love performing solo on acoustic guitar. Songs include "Won'tcha Come Home," "Sunshine," "Soft and Sweet," and "Superhero Brother."

Superhero Brother, recorded in Philadelphia at The Studio and the band's own Philadelphonic Studios, as well as Longview Farms Barn in Sturbridge, MA, combines both political and party songs. The album is a reflection of the band's eclectic recipe for its Special Sauce, from tasty, post-hip-hop Beatles-influenced blues-rock ("Communication"), spicy tropical island rhythms over an Archie Bell and the Drells "Tighten Up" groove ("City Livin'") and well-seasoned Chambers Brothers-style funk-rock crossed with Cream's "I Feel Free" ("What We Need") to sweet, blue-eyed Philly soul ("Crumble"), a red-hot Stones-y "Sympathy for the Devil" vibe ("Peace Love and Happiness") and homemade, rappin' blues layered on top of a John Lee Hooker Delta stomp ("Superhero Brother").

Tracks like "Peace Love and Happiness" and the title cut deal with social issues, something G. found hard to ignore. "With the election coming up and the war on everybody's minds, there's no way some of those feelings could've escaped being on this record," he says. "Peace Love and Happiness" was inspired by a trip G. Love made to the same slums of Rio de Janeiro depicted in the movie City of God, asking pointed questions like "How come the presidents just build more bombs/When they should start disarming?/With all that money spent on guns/Instead of food and education."

1. Communication mp3 sample
2. City Livin' mp3 sample
3. Wiggle Worm mp3 sample
4. Peace, Love, and Happiness mp3 sample
5. Soft And Sweet mp3 sample
6. Wont'cha Come Home mp3 sample
7. Crumble mp3 sample
8. What We Need mp3 sample
9. Grandmother
10. Georgia Brown
11. Who's Got The Weed
12. Superhero Brother

Released June 24, 2008