Funky Seeds - Taking Root CD

The Funky Seeds have put together Taking Root as a collection of songs primarily about the experiences they have shared and explores their eclectic musical backgrounds. With the influences of multiple songwriters, you are bound to find yourself shaking your booty to the Funky Seeds! From the bluesy, hip swaying Summer Rose which describes the antics of a travelling band in the summertime to the Caribbean and Latin vibes of Funky Root you can relive how the Seeds became a band. You can get a taste of organ-driven blues rock in Baby Baby or a funky, second-line New Orleans groove in Ghost of a Cat. The vocal stylings of Steve Scarcliff and Funky D dance around the ever-changing solos of Sean Hartley and Chris Sgammato, which is all held together by the solid grooves of J Sideway and Patty Schwing. Taking Root explores many different musical styles but every bit is undeniably Funky Seeds.

Track List:
1. Summer Rose listen
2. Ghost of a Cat listen
3. Funky Root listen
4. SUMday listen
5. I Know a Girl listen
6. Baby Baby listen
7. Fragile listen
8. The Hookup listen
9. Poppin' Caps listen
10. Don't Care if it Rains listen
11. Young Man listen

Release date May 2011