Funkuponya CD

Funkuponya, a quartet based out of Raleigh, North Carolina was formed by a chance meeting off Craigslist in the spring of 2008. Featuring Doug Carter on guitar, Brian Werner on keys, Leo Kishore on bass, and Carl Blackwell on drums, the band strives to create ear catching melodies mixed with heated improvised jams, resulting in a rhythmic experience that keeps the body moving. Polished guitar mingles with stratospheric keyboards to keep the audience on their toes. All the while, the no-nonsense rhythm section keeps the music honest and forward-moving. These are the new guys on the Southeast funk and jam scene.

Track List
1. Disco Kid listen
2. Hot Air Balloon Chase listen
3. Mr. T-Band (Funktosteroni) listen
4. Mac listen
5. Jim's Chicken listen
6. The Garlic listen
7. Copasetic listen
8. Lagerhead listen
9. Gus listen
10. I Love Craigslist listen

Released August 2009