Frank Zappa - Dutch Courage 1980 (2CD)


By 1980 Frank Zappa had endured one of the most turbulent periods of his career. The working relationship between Zappa and his long-time manager Herb Cohen had irreparably broken down due to disagreements over their jointly owned DiscReet label, and he had also parted ways with Warner Brothers after a dispute concerning the four disc Lather project, and the label releasing his material against his wishes, which had resulted in multiple lawsuits. Blocked from issuing his own music for over a year, Zappa's main source of income came from extensive touring which he did with a number of small, rock-oriented groups throughout the late 1970s. Included here too as bonus cuts are a selection of tracks from the same tour - broadcast from Paris and Munich respectively - as well as an extended 1980 interview with Mike Siegel for Boston TV show 'Five All Night, Live All Night', in which a typically sarcastic yet droll Zappa answers questions from the host and the viewers about his family life, his recent legal troubles and his latest releases. Making in completion a full 160 minute recording across two discs, in quite excellent audio quality throughout, this release will prove a delight for fans and a must have item to add to any decent Zappa collection.

Disc 1:

Chunga's Revenge
Keep It Greasy
Outside Now
City Of Tiny Lites
Teenage Wind
Bamboozled By Love
Pick Me I'm Clean
Society Pages
I'm A Beautiful Guy
Beauty Knows No Pain
Charlie's Enormous Mouth
Cosmik Debris
You Didn't Try To Call Me
I Ain't Got No Heart
Love Of My Life
You Are What You Is
Easy Meat
Joe's Garage
Why Does It Hurt When I Pee'

Disc 2:

Dancin' Fool
Bobby Brown
Ms. Pinky
Encore Break
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
The Illinois Enema Bandit
Heavenly Bank Account
Suicide Chump
Jumbo Go Away
If Only She Woulda
Stick It Out
Mudd Club
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
Golden Arches
Matt Siegel Interview 1980

Release date 08.12.2016