Foxy Moon Baby - Dreamer CD

FMB has found their footing with Dreamer, on which the seven-piece ensemble traverses familiar territory - jazz, funk, latin, rock, and pop - in a singular style that must be heard to be appreciated. Foxy Moon Baby's attention to detail brings excitement and life to their lengthy jazz-influenced compositions.

Review by Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Hats off to everyone involved in this project. Every track takes you on a multihued jazz journey, and as expected, each one is long enough to satisfy. Everything fits just right and all the moving parts come together just as they need to make this an absolute success. This CD was worthy of many listens from my vantage point and surely I am not going to be the only one that feels that way once the word gets out about Foxy Moon Baby. What is great about a CD like this is that people that normally do not hear jazz, will, and those firmly entrenched with their jazz have an opportunity to hear a different brand of rock and pop mixed with jazz.

1- Dreamer mp3
2- Velma In The Shade mp3
3- Native Land mp3
4- Eclectic Fanfare mp3
5- Tanglewood Bliss mp3
6- Home And Away mp3
7- CIA mp3
8- Mother Discovery mp3

Released June 2006