For Rex: The Black Tie Dye Ball (2 CDs)

On November 12, 2005, The Zen Tricksters and Special Guests Mickey Hart, Donna Jean Godchaux, David Nelson, Tom Constanten, Michael Falzarano, Rob Barraco, Greg Anton, David Mackay and Wendy Lanter came together for the first ever NYC Rex Foundation Black Tie-Dye Ball Benefit and created a night of incredible musical chemistry. Recorded LIVE at the Concert Hall, New York Society of Ethical Culture, this Two Disk Set captures the amazing energy of the concert. All the proceeds of the sale of this CD go to the Rex Foundation.


1. Iko-Iko (9:41) mp3
2. No Better Way (5:32) mp3
3. Arise (7:24) mp3
4. When There's Two There's Trouble (5:57) mp3
5. Garden of Eden (11:30) mp3
6. Down the Road (4:17) mp3
7. When You Say When (7:01) mp3
8. Goin' to Florence (6:06) mp3


1.A Different World (9:36)
2.Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (9:33)
3.All Night Long Blues (3:39)
4.The One (7:34)
5.I'll Be With Thee (5:39)
6.Any Naked Eye> People are Strange (13:42)
7.The Music Never Stopped (6:51)
8.Ripple (5:31)

The Zen Tricksters
Jeff Mattson- lead guitar & vocals
Klyph Black - bass, slide guitar, & vocals
Tom Circosta- rhythm guitar & vocals
Joe Ciarvella- drums

Special Guests:
Mickey Hart - vocals & cowbell
Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay -vocals
David Nelson- guitar & vocals
Tom Constanten- organ, piano & vocals
Michael Falzarano- guitar & vocals
Rob Barraco - piano, organ & vocals
Greg Anton - drums
David MacKay - bass
Wendy Lanter -vocals

Released 6/27/06