Evan Barber & the Dead Gamblers CD

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Evan Barber and the Dead Gamblers self titled album is a spirited freshman effort containing twelve original compositions by the bands lead vocalist Evan Barber. An ardent southern rock album, it is as dynamic in style as it is substantial in presentation.

Evan is a seasoned minstrel whose sincerity and moxie has attracted a gifted group of musicians to this collaboration. Wynn Hyatt keeps time at the table and has a wide range of beat styles from rock to island rhythm and works very well with Blane Johnson's easy style on bass. Zack Gamble deals some mean, dizzying picking as well as some spooky pedal work. Ed McRee is all in on slide guitar and keys as well as co-producing the album with Evan. The chemistry of the players involved produce a righteous, high stakes mix of rock, blues, and the occasional ballad.

The DG's have some aces up their sleeves so be warned. Circles is as edgy as anything from up Muscle Shoals way with a simple, driving beat and a busy flying guitar, it sounds both familiar and exiting at the same time. Another standout on the album, Haltin Move, goes from sweet, songbird style to a fervent bluesy ditty that fit the lyrics "heaven might be too pretty for me but I know hell could never be too hot". Evan lists Tom Petty as a big influence, and you can hear it in the rocker Ammunition. The truths in the contemplative lyrics of the stirring ballad Lessons and the honky-tonkin Drip/Time are harder to beat than the house. Fans of Ben Nichols, check out Tuxedo. It's a strong, deadpan break up song - as always, EB tells it like it is. Another honest anthem is the seventh track of this collection, Angeleah. If you've ever had parents or an adolescence, you can relate to this one.

There is nothing on Evan Barber and the Dead Gamblers that could be called a flush, and it is definitely a full house or better. This will be one of your favorite records because EBDG is playing for keeps. Bet.

Track List:
1. Stiletto listen
2. Bogen Man Friday listen
3. Ammunition listen
4. Perfume and Whiskey listen
5. Tuxedo listen
6. Ramblin' listen
7. Angeleah listen
8. Drip/Time listen
9. Circles listen
10. Haltin Move listen
11. Birmingham listen
12. Lessons listen

Release date 08.05.2010