Euphonic Brew - In a Sea of Stained Glass CD

On In a Sea of Stained Glass, their sophomore album, Euphonic Brew presents a fascinating journey through a wide variety of musical styles and moods, all underpinned by the band's remarkable chordal composition and fantastic sense of melody. This makes every stop on the trip a memorable one, regardless of the scenery which can range from driving rock and riveting funk to harmony-laden pop and bouncing piano tap-alongs. The lyrics match the musical diversity well, alternating between the concrete and abstract throughout, and yet always bordering on the personal. All of this adds up to a wonderfully diverse collection of songs that both catch the ear and move the head, and that become more interesting with each listen rather than less.

1 Green, Red, Gray, Pink mp3
2 A Social Scene mp3
3 I Wanna Know mp3
4 Giddykick mp3
5 Delusions mp3
6 Storyteller mp3
7 Trying to See What I've Found mp3
8 Saltless Tears mp3
9 Death of the Leprechaun mp3
10 Laissez Faire mp3
11 Love Is Animation mp3
12 All Thoughts On the Table mp3
13 Verbal Parade mp3
14 Tale of a Man Who Can't Think mp3

Released in 2008