Eleven Eyes - Scope CD

Just made for my ears - think Headhunters meet Mahavishnu Orch (much of the playing bears comparison imho) with turntablism - turbo-fusion for the 21st Century... -Boombastic Radio

"Combining an array of influences including John Coltrane, Frank Zappa and DJ Logic, Eleven Eyes transforms a cornucopia of sound into infectious compositions that overwhelm the limitations of any single genre." -Josh Lintereur, Oregon Daily Emerald Pulse

Scope is the second disc from Eugene, Oregon's Eleven Eyes. Since releasing their first disc, 2003's Depth Perception, the band has been playing steadily, traveling all over the Northwest, California, Idaho, Montana and Colorado. The material on Scope reflects all this experience - the grooves are deeper, the tunes are more diverse, and more chances are taken. The new material ranges from the experimental techno of "Tintinnabulation" and "Elevator Jazz" to the hip hop/drum 'n bass/avant big-band hybrid of "Full Lotus" and the prog-fusion of "Capgun Slinger"; the New Orleans-style strut of "R Bop" to the Afrobeat-inspired "Rogue Convoy" to the Henry Mancini-meets-John Zorn spy jazz of "The Man From E.L.E.V.E.N." Oh, yeah, there's a tango in there too.

1 Tintinnabulation mp3
2 Capgun Slinger mp3
3 Full Lotus mp3
4 R Bop mp3
5 GREx mp3
6 Elevator Jazz mp3
7 77 mp3
8 Building Skills mp3
9 Rogue Convoy
10 The Man From E.L.E.V.E.N.
11 Conditioned Response
12 La Estatua Que Derramo Sangre
13 The Table of Elevens

Eleven Eyes is:
Tim McLaughlin: trumpet, flugelhorn, euphonotron, FX
Matt Calkins: tenor, soprano and bari saxes, FX
Mike Pardew: guitar
Dave Trenkel: bass, keyboards, electronics
Steve Weems: drums, drum programming
The Turntable Enabler: turntables, samples, live effects processing, percussion

With additional eyes:
Monk Metz: rap vocals on "Full Lotus" and "Building Skills"
Ishi Woods: percussion on "Rogue Convoy"

Released 2005