Elemental Harmonics CD

Elemental Harmonics' self-titled record is 16 tracks of natural harmonic designs, balancing symmetry and chaos. A warm blend of resonant overtones layered over live breakbeats. With influences rooted in innovative electronic music like Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, and Roni Size, Elemental Harmonics strive to create their own brand of beat with a different set of tools by incorporating the human touch of live instrumentation. In the vein of STS9 and Lotus, Elemental Harmonics is a band of earthlings making otherworldly music.

1- VB-12 mp3
2- Theta Dreamz mp3
3- Ascending mp3
4- Zion Gates mp3
5- Judah mp3
6- Storm mp3
7- Cosmic mp3
8- Vision mp3
9- Goodbye Yesterday mp3
10- Balancing mp3
11- Sage mp3
12- Aspect mp3
13- Parallel Universe mp3
14- Travels mp3
15- Skythrone mp3
16- NGC-2997 mp3

Released Nov. 2005