Drums and Tuba - The Flying Ballerina CD

Their early tracks, with irreverent titles like The Adventures of Poo-Poo and Pee-Pee" and
"Fists of Spaghetti" have a very manic feel, leaning toward the jazz-pop of Chicago's defunct
Coctails....One of the band's most brilliant one-two punches comes halfway through "The Flying
Ballerina": reimagining jazz legend Charles Mingus' "Boogie Stop Shuffle" as a thrash/punk
burner and turning the pop-punk of the Minutemen's "God Bows to Math" into a grooving near-bop
nugget." - Philadelphia City Paper

Track List:

1- Fists of Spaghetti
2- Kermit
3- Chummus, a Challah, and a Whole Lot of Chutzpah
4- The Inspector Returns
5- Lots of Luc
6- Blazevitch
7- The Flying Ballerina
8- Scottie Pippen
9- Boogie Stop Shuffle
10- Neal Hamburger
11- God Bows to Math
12- Pig Ears for Lily
13- Meter Maid
14- Bertone
15- There is a Monster