Drive-By Truckers - A Blessing And A Curse CD

1. Feb 14 mp3
2. Gravity's Gone mp3
3. Easy On Yourself mp3
4. Aftermath USA mp3
5. Goodbye mp3
6. Daylight mp3
7. Wednesday mp3
8. Little Bonnie mp3
9. Space City mp3
10. A Blessing And A Curse mp3
11. A World Of Hurt mp3

Equal parts back porch historians, runaway drunken firecrackers, and poets of the hard life and how to live it, DBT came on the scene and set the bar higher for what you can do with the music we love. The songs on this record illustrate the triumphant struggle to survive and thrive in this world. It's not only a great record, but an important statement delivered honestly and passionately without any sugar coating or details spared. It's a refinement, a honing, and a focusing of what you've always loved about them, what makes this band one of the most revered acts in the world today.

Released 4/18/06