Donna the Buffalo - Silverlined CD

Released July 8, 2008

Embodying the culmination of two decades of collaboration between founding members Tara Nevins and Jeb Puryear, Silverlined builds on the band's signature sound - a bedrock of traditional mountain music infused with elements of Cajun, rock, folk, reggae, and country. Silverlined also includes the talents of well-known guests Bela Fleck, Claire Lynch, David Hidalgo and Amy Helm. This release marks the 20th anniversary of Donna the Buffalo!

1. Temporary Misery mp3 sample
2. Tomorrow Still Knows mp3 sample
3. Locket And Key mp3 sample
4. Garden of Eden mp3 sample
5. Broken Record mp3 sample
6. Meant to Be mp3 sample
7. Biggie K mp3 sample
8. Silverlined mp3 sample
9. The Call
10. Riddle
11. Blue Eyes
12. Beauty Within
13. Forty Days And Forty Nights