Donna Jean & The Tricksters CD

Donna Jean and the (Zen) Tricksters, a band legendary for its Grateful Dead covers, unites a host of Dead alumni on this album. The music, however, stands utterly on its own with superior roots-rock songwriting, seven part harmonies and top shelf musicianship. Their incendiary live shows are already generating a fan base that starts from those roots while reaching out to a new, younger demographic. The CD also features artwork by famed poster artist Gary Houston.

1. All I Gotta Say mp3
2. So Hard mp3
3. No Better Way mp3
4. Weight of the World mp3
5. Shelter mp3
6. Travelin' Light mp3
7. He Said/She Said mp3
8. Moments Away mp3
9. Farewell Jack
10. A Prisoner Says His Piece
11. Me and Kettle Joe
12. Reno

Released 1/29/08

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