Discordian Society - Primordial Soup CD

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The Discordian Society, is an eclectic combination of funk, jazz and rock, with influences that range from Zappa and John Zorn, to Jaco Pastorius and Les Claypool. Dave "Davz Not Here" Annarelli started the Discordian Society in the spring of 2001 while wandering the streets of downtown Roanoke, VA. Unable to find a niche with other bands, and deeply involved in reading the works of the Discordian religious founder Kerry Thornley and of Robert Anton Wilson as well as that of his own consciousness, Dave set out to make his own path with his own music and a different philosophy based in genre bending, originality, and a drive to sound as different as possible.Discordian Society released its first EP "Figments" (no longer available) in 2003. The EP met with light success and thus began Dave's foray into engineering and production. In 2005, Discordian Society released "Rise of the Molecule", their first full length CD. Receiving good reviews, moderate airplay and healthy release sales, "Rise of the Molecule" helped set the stage for the coming years of writing and touring. In 2007 Dave moved to Asheville, NC, reformed the band, and began work on their 2nd full length CD "Primordial Soup" as well as several small regional tours. In 2008 Discordian Society had the privilege of opening for Psychedelic Legends Ozric Tentacles and released the nights live performance as a limited edition EP. It also provided Dave with the opportunity to showcase some of the new music slated for the next album. In March of 2010 Discordian Society released the long awaited "Primordial Soup". It has garnered excellent reviews and is slowly working its way up the charts.With the success of "Primordial Soup", regional and national touring, and rave reviews of their live performance, Dave's Discordian Society has etched a place in the musical landscape in which lovers of all genres can find a scenic view. With the recent announcement of a 3rd album slated for 2011, Discordian Society is quickly finding itself on the radar as a band to be watched.

1. When Amino / Col. Mustard in the Conservatory with the Candlestick listen
2. Corner Bag Blues listen
3. Figments listen
4. Ideas listen
5. Sleestak listen
6. They Make Fun listen
7. What's The Name of This Town listen
8. I We You listen
9. S A M listen
10. Murkey Green listen
11. Quality Control listen

Released in 2010