Dickey Betts & Great Southern - Southern Rock Jam CD


2017 collection. Dickey Betts is one of the great guitarists from the southern rock scene. After his time with The Allman Brothers he has carved out a successful solo career. This is a compilation album of the best of the albums he made for Arista Records back in the 70's. Tracks 1 to 5 originally recorded in 1977 are from the album Dickey Betts And Great Southern and tracks 6 to 10 originally released in 1978 are from the album Atlantas Burning Down.

1. Out to Get Me
  2. Run Gypsy Run
  3. Sweet Virginia
  4. Nothing You Can Do
  5. California Blues
  6. Good Time Feeling
  7. Atlantas Burning Down
  8. Leavin Me Again
  9. Back on the Road
  10. Dealin with the Devil

Released in 2017