Dexter Grove - Color Me Naked CD

They may be the biggest sounding little band out there - Relix Magazine

In its unpretentious press kit, the duo Dexter Grove admit that labeling their music "is something these boys don't much like to do." But the phrase "folkadelic experience" serves as a workable tag to describe the Dexter Grove sound, a mix of bluesy vocals and dynamic acoustic guitar playing, supported by strong and lively rhythms.

Released in 2001. Features guest musicians Kirk Juhas, Ken Juhas, Tim Herron, Steve Drizos, and more.

Track List:
1- By Morning
2- D'Lilah
3- Soar the Sky
4- Bluewater
5- About to Fall
6- Troubadour
7- Parade
8- Cold
9- Nothing
10- Curtain Call

Charlie Orlando and Steve Drizos are on fire. Musically speaking, that is. Hey, we've been big fans of the planet's most dynamic two piece all acoustic groove generator for years. And they've never sounded better. Or more diverse. Color Me Naked starts in typical Dexter Grove fashion - Orlando's gritty, passionate vocals and high speed acoustic strums racing time with Drizos' kinder, gentler machine gun of percussion. Orlando and Drizos have always been intense - nobody puts more energy into their music than these guys. But Color Me Naked is testament to Dexter Grove's ongoing evolution, taking their self proclaimed 'acid folk' sound a little further down road with superior dynamics. Not just more musical peaks and valleys, but expanded instrumentation. DG's old friend Tim Herron sits in on several tracks unleashing electric guitar leads over a fleshed out and 'plugged in' DG that at times includes both electric and acoustic bass, pedal steel guitar, kit drums, and a variety of keyboards. Color Me Naked is easily Dg's most accessible release to date for new listeners. Long time fans will dig it too... we sure do! Added bonus: check out the extra cool cover art on the back of the CD featuring our very own 'Dexter Doodle!' - Lee Abraham