Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow CD

Devendra Banhart exploded on the international music scene in 2002, quickly accumulating devoted fans as well as an unusually hefty amount of critical kudos with his debut and subsequent releases. From the first listen to Cripple Crow, his fourth studio album, it's clear that there's something mystical, something powerful about Banhart's work. There's an intoxicating element of uncertainty as the gifted lyricist and songwriter spins tales with his unearthly voice, which sounds like it should belong to a 1930's folk singer. Eclectic doesn't even begin to describe this sprawling album, which features the brilliant "I Feel Just Like A Child" and the hopeful "Heard Somebody Say."

"There's something about Banhart's muse that defies words and logic, something to these songs that hints at a deeper connection to the cosmos than most of us share. Jeff Buckley might have had that gift; John Lennon and Van Morrison certainly did. Add to that list Devendra Banhart, an astonishing talent whose future work promises to bring us to exciting new places" - Harp Magazine.

"'s Banhart's gift for melody that ultimately carries the day, littering the album with slyly entrancing tunes that recall the pleasure of old campfire songs. It's enough to cure even a hardened cynic" - Blender.

1. Now That I Know mp3
2. Santa Maria De Feira mp3
3. Heard Somebody Say mp3
4. Long Haired Child mp3
5. Lazy Butterfly mp3
6. Quedate Luna mp3
7. Queen Bee mp3
8. I Feel Just Like A Child mp3
9. Some People Ride The Wave mp3
10. The Beatles mp3
11. Dragonflies mp3
12. When They Come mp3
13. Inaniel
14. Hey Mama Wolf
15. How's About Tellin' A Story
16. Chinese Children
17. Sawkill River
18. I Love That Man
19. Luna De Margarita
20. Korean Dogwood
21. Little Boys
22. Anchor

Released 9/13/05