Del McCoury Band - The Promised Land CD


Del McCoury is a very grateful man, and nowhere is that gratitude more evident than in The Promised Land, the first gospel album in a career now spanning five decades. The incalculably influential guitarist and vocalist is at the top of his game, even at age 67, and this reverent, spiritual album of bluegrass is evidence of his longevity.

1) I'm Bound For The Land of Canaan mp3
2) I'm Poor As A Beggar mp3
3) It's Surprising What The Lord Can Do mp3
4) Jesus Carried Me A Cross mp3
5) Five Flat Rocks mp3
6) I'll Put It On A Crown And Walk Around mp3
7) Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow mp3
8) Led By The Master's Hand mp3
9) It's An Unfriendly World mp3
10) Gold Under My Feet mp3
11) Aint' Nothing Going To Come Up Today mp3
12) We Know Where He Is mp3
13) Sit Down With Jesus mp3
14) The Lord Is Writing Down Names mp3

Released 6/13/06