Del McCoury Band - The Company We Keep CD


Can the man do any wrong? Few things are as consistent as these legendary performers' singular sound, which is formed by a familiar vocal style and the genetic link between Del, Ronnie, and Rob McCoury. This band is a truly timeless gift to the world of acoustic music! On this 2005 release, there's a fine mix of humorous ditties, varied bluegrass, rapid-fire playing, and songwriting honed by decades of dedication.

1- Nothin' Special mp3
2- Never Grow Up Boy mp3
3- If Here Is Where You Are mp3
4- She Can't Burn Me Now mp3
5- Mountain Song mp3
6- Untamed mp3
7- Seventh Heaven mp3
8- Fathers And Sons mp3
9- When it Stops Hurtin' mp3
10- Keep Her While She's There mp3
11- When Fall's Coming Down mp3
12- I Never Knew Life mp3
13- Eyes That Won't Meet Mine mp3
14- Blown Away And Gone