Del McCoury Band - It's Just The Night

During the late 1950s and 1960s, a young banjo player and tenor singer named Delano Floyd McCoury was cutting his bluegrass teeth in the bars of Baltimore. Bill Monroe suggested Del try out for the spot of lead singer and guitar player in his Bluegrass Boys. After a few years, Del was fronting his own Dixie Pals. Throughout the seventies and eighties, Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals were favorites of the Northeast bluegrass scene. With the additions of sons Ronnie and Robbie, the band changed its' name to the Del McCoury Band and relocated to Nashville. Today, Del is the foremost practitioner of the art of bluegrass singing. He is revitalized, re-energized and making the best records of his illustrious career. The Del McCoury Band enjoys the praise of traditional bluegrass lovers and tie-dyed clad 'Del-Heads' alike. With a new project in the works, the Del McCoury Band is ready to help lead bluegrass to its' greatest heights ever. Del has proven not to be a relic of bluegrass music's past, but an architect of it's future.

1- Dry My Tears And Move On
2- Asheville Turnaround
3- Let An Old Racehorse Run
4- Hillcrest Drive
5- It's Just The Night
6- My Love Will Not Change
7- Fire And The Flame
8- Zero To Love
9- I'm Afraid I Forgot The Feeling
10- Man Can't Live On Bread Alone
11- I Can Hear The Angels Singing
12- Same Kind Of Crazy
13- Mill Towns
14- Two-Faced Love