Dan Walker - Airplane CD

Dan Walker's comforting mix of folk, rock, and blues comes into it's own on 2007's Airplane. The album is a mellow yet engaging mood-setter featuring plenty of memorable songs and subtle instrumental interplay. Honky-tonk hooks, country-ish crooning, rocking rhythms, and bluesy badassness can all be found here, working together to form an undeniably American sound. There's even a touch of soul to give songs like "Get Me Out of This" that extra sizzle!

1- Stumble & Fall mp3
2- Run Daily mp3
3- Ocean Eyes mp3
4- Hit The Road mp3
5- Get Me Out of This mp3
6- Blues By Midnight mp3
7- So Blue mp3
8- Loves Me mp3
9- Gonna Shine
10- Moonshine
11- Airplane


Released August 2007