Critters Buggin - Bumpa CD

The 3rd Full Length CD Release. Simply Incredible! Thick with Fat Grooves, Flouride Conspiracies Via Crocodiles and Parrots and Musical Virtuosos. Your Life will Never Ever Be the Same. Brad's Bass Guarantees to Flip Your Stereos Circuit Breaker at -32 Decibels.

Floride mp3
Brozo the Clown mp3
I Ate Lucy mp3
Chimp and Ape mp3
Senjara mp3
Raimondi mp3
Bomb Ass Tick mp3
Joe Sard mp3
Trucker Beak mp3
Fast Johnson mp3
Pedro Lovin mp3
33 mp3
1-2-3-4 mp3
Joe Sard {Reprise} mp3