Contact - Dollar Empire CD

Exciting new sounds from Toronto! This five-piece band brings crowds to their feet and entertains the brain with their energetic instrumental voyages. Contact combines the insistent dance beats of house, the pummeling rhythms of drum-and-bass, the slowly erupting jams of improv-rock, and the synthetic psychedelic scorcery of bands like Particle and Canadian mates The New Deal. But sound alone does not make a band, and Contact manages to put their own vibrant seal on this music thanks to the imaginations of the band members. This debut CD is one hell of a way to get introduced to this quintet!

1- Spaceape mp3
2- Homesickness mp3
3- Return Of Spaceape mp3
4- Accelerate mp3
5- Stitch Face mp3
6- Dr. Kong mp3
7- Superluckyconvenience mp3
8- Test Track mp3
9- AB Type mp3
10- C Section mp3