Clay Ross - Matuto CD

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"Clay Ross thinks like a poet, writes like a novelist, and plays the guitar like a master." - Jambase

Matuto (ma-two-toe) is Brazilian slang for country bumpkin.  Imagine the sound of a Brazilian Carnaval in the Appalachian Mountains.  A sound where exotic percussion instruments rumble beneath blues drenched vocals, Telecaster twangs, and folksy fiddle tunes.  Now, imagine these sounds in the hands of some of NYC's finest young improvisers as they light up club and festival stages world wide.

On his Ropeadope debut, Matuto, Clay Ross offers us a peek into his diverse and dynamic musical world.  Composer, singer-songwriter, and producer, this South Carolina native has become an in-demand guitarist on the NYC jazz, world, and roots music scenes.  In the last four years, Ross has submerged himself in Brazilian music as a member of Cyro Baptista's world-renowned percussion ensemble "Beat the Donkey."  He has completed four international tours as a U.S. Jazz Ambassador and currently performs at bluegrass festivals across North America with rising folk star April Verch.

Through the unorthodox blend of Brazilian percussion and American bluegrass, Ross has created an organic, animated sound all his own. The album features master percussionists Cyro Baptista (Paul Simon, Sting) and Ze Mauricio (YoYo Ma, Choro Ensemble), drummer Richie Barshay (Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea) and accordionist Rob Curto (Lila Downs, David Krakauer.) Mixed by Tony Maimone at Studio G, Mastered by Scott Hull.  With Clay Ross - Guitars, Vocals, and Cavaquinho, Rob Hecht - Fiddle, Edward Perez - Bass, Tim Keiper - Drums, Scott Kettner - Percussion, Eduardo Guedes - Percussion, Olivier Manchon - Violins, Viola, and Vio-cello, Merideth Hite - Oboes and English Horns.

"Clay Ross demonstrated that not all Americans who have the will to be Brazilian are boring. His sound mixes the old west and the sertao in a stylized way, but it's all so much fun that it doesn't sound artificial." - Recife Rock (Rec Beat Festival in Recife, Brazil)

"Clay has a passionate, unique, and personal voice that awakens feelings in audiences." - Jazz Review

Track List
1. Recipe listen
2. What A Day listen
3. Remember Calabash listen
4. Banks of the Ohio listen
5. Zydaco Mondo listen
6. Church Street Blues listen
7. Maria's Lullaby listen
8. Home Sweet Home listen
9. John the Revelator listen
10. Dream of Life listen
11. Feel, Like A Song listen

Released August 2009