Circles Around the Sun - Language CD


On Language, Circles Around The Sun will traverse even deeper into the annals of outer-spacial dance grooves that first surfaced on 2020's self-titled release. The new material finds them oscillating through hybrid strains of disco-funk, soul jazz and psychedelic rock, harnessing their stylistic lanes into a singular, intoxicating brew.

The four reconvened in the studio to lay down a record that offers a window into what and where Circles Around The Sun are today. Language is the sound of a rock band confidently writing the next chapter of their story. CATS is a unit brought closer and made stronger having persevered through unthinkable tragedy, weathering the stormy seas to continue onward and upward with humble grace and subtle swagger.

"There's a bit of a different arc to Language. The first couple songs are gonna put you in a certain headspace, and then the party happens later on," notes bassist Dan Horne.

1. Third Sunrise Over Gliese 667 (6:24)
2. The Singularity (5:13)
3. Outer Boroughs (7:28)
4. Away Team (6:36)
5. Wobble (6:04)
6. Language (Album Mix with Mikaela Davis) (7:54)

Release date 04.28.23