Chef Dave - No Strings Attached CD

There's a whole lot of jamming going on down south, and this is one slice of it! Featuring master keyboardist and improviser Johnny Neel and fiery guitarist Seth Davis, this quartet cooks up some rocking fusion and funk mostly-instrumentals! All songs were written by the players spontaneously, as they were being recorded. There were no rehearsals and no charts - what you hear is what happened at that moment!

Seth Davis - guitar
Johnny Neel - organ, piano, keys
James Cook - bass
Derek Mixon - drums

1- Stretchin' Part 1 mp3 sample
2- Stretchin' Part 2 mp3 sample
3- Light It Up mp3 sample
4- What Took A Hold Of Me mp3 sample
5- Fort mp3 sample
6- Deep Fuzz mp3 sample

Released October 2008