Charlie Hunter - Baboon Strength CD


In Charlie's words... 'We recorded Baboon Strength at Trout Studio in Brooklyn. They have an old school set-up where everything happens in the same room, instruments, mixing desk, tape machine, everything. We recorded to 16 track two-inch tape before putting it in the digital realm (for those of you who are interested). Erik brought his 1970s Yamaha combo organ, Casio tone and Echoplex. His sonic aesthetic and abilities as an improviser are impeccable. Go Erik! Tony played Trout's big ass bass drum, snare and toms. He also happens to be, in my opinion, the best pure pocket drummer I've ever heard. Science. In terms of groove and time it's his world, we live in it, act accordingly. Erik and I both concur that he gets the game ball for this record. I brought some decent songs and tried not to overplay. It's a never-ending process. Dave McNair did a hell of a job mixing and mastering the disc. Check out the fat drum sound on Difford-Till brook.'