Cast of Clowns - Have a Heart CD

Cast of Clowns, recognized nationally as a "supergroup" of performers, is part fun machine, part harbinger, and all in. Their original songs stand strong and unflinching while their creative live approach shoves the envelope into a bucket of confetti.

Founded by singer, songwriter, guitarist and fiction writer, Craig Wright, in 2008, The Clowns have played from British Columbia to Hawaii, developing particularly strong followings in Oregon and the Bay Area.

Featuring world-class players like Greg Anton, (Zero), Jeff Pevar, (Ray Charles, CS&N), Melvin Seals, (Jerry Garcia Band), Hutch Hutchinson, (Bonnie Raitt), Bill Kreutzmann, (Grateful Dead), Robin Sylvester, (Ratdog), Barry Sless, (Dave Nelson), Damien Erskine, (Peter Erskine, Gino Vanelli) the Clowns shows are always surprising and fun.

Cast of Clowns' songs, penned by Wright along with some lyrical work from The Grateful Dead's Robert Hunter, blend Louis Armstrong-type influences with those from the cutting edge of today's music such as Macy Gray, as well as hints of Miles and Jimi, while managing to honor their roots in the music of The Dead, The Band and Zero.

Live Clowns shows work the avenues of improvisation with a crew of seasoned deliverers of songs whoknow the fine lines between the shine and the glare. Tight and powerful songs appear alongside longer renditions chock full of surprises.

The recording, produced by Brian Risner, captures the rambunctious nature of Cast of Clowns as well as theintensity and grace of their performances.

Track List:
1. An Offering listen
2. Sparkletooth listen
3. End of the World Blues listen
4. Louisiana Way listen
5. Presumed Innocent listen
6. Everyone's a Sweetheart listen
7. Merl's Boogie listen

Release date 10.30.2012