Cast Iron Filter - Falls Of Rough CD

Call it Irongrass--aggressive and raw, yet undeniably melodic, the sounddefies the accepted taxonomy of today's music. Cast Iron Filter have beenplaying their brand of punk meets bluegrass (Irongrass) since Mike Orlandoand Dustin Edge met at college in North Carolina in 1998. Since then theyhave released three critically acclaimed albums. The band once again broughtin Mark Williams to help produce/engineer their latest studio album, "TheFalls of Rough" (fall 2004). Lyrically thematic by design, Edge's songs(stories) are based on the small, adversity soaked town (Falls of Rough) inwestern Kentucky during the American Depression/WWII era. The town's mayor,sheriff, bartender, rebel, pastor, among others, all play a significant rolein the telling of The Falls epic through Edge's meaningfully written andpowerfully sung libretto. Cleverly sequence Orlando's three beautifullycomposed instrumentals into the album's mix, and what you get is nothingshort of a uniquely potent Irongrass masterpiece.

1- Model T Ford mp3
2- Hold Your Heads Up High mp3
3- Chronicle mp3
4- Murder Makes A Crimson Sky mp3
5- Redemption mp3
6- Where The River Fades mp3
7- 27 Dollars and a Wedding Ring mp3
8- Stringtown mp3
9- Power OF My Hands mp3
10- When You Walk Into The Shining Light mp3
11- Wiregrass Trail mp3
12- Crayson County mp3
13- Men Who Die Young mp3
14- Falls Of Rough mp3