BuzzUniverse - LiveVibes at the Donegal Saloon CD

Recorded live at the Donegal Saloon in Kearny, NJ during the Winter of 2007-2008, LiveVibes at the Donegal Saloon clearly captures the incredible vibe of one of New Jersey's great rooms for live music, with rising stars BuzzUniverse performing many of their original staples and a few choice cover songs.

1. This Ol' Cowboy mp3 sample
2. Homers Mountain/Too Much Pressure/Feelin' Better mp3 sample
3. All of My Friends mp3 sample
4. You & Me mp3 sample
5. Evangeline mp3 sample
6. Lovelight Babylon mp3 sample
7. In the Sun mp3 sample
8. Astronomy Domine mp3 sample
9. Hydroponic Boogie
10. Up the Mountain

An original eclectic blend of rock, jazz, latin & world grooves, BuzzUniverse features smoking horns and a rock-solid rythm section. Described by as "addictive & hip-grinding," BuzzUniverse has enlightened loyal fans with brilliantly crafted songs, incredible vocal harmonies and ferocious live energy. Natives of Elizabeth, New Jersey, BuzzUniverse aims to spread their unique sound and positive vibe far and wide! More exploratory than a pop band but not quite a jamband, BuzzUniverse has demonstrated a unique approach in getting their music heard. They took a aEU~play all day to whoever is passingaEU(tm) gig at New YorkaEU(tm)s Chelsea Piers for the past two summers; theyaEU(tm)ve financed their own free performances in New York City Parks; theyaEU(tm)ve even managed to get a mention in the New York PostaEU(tm)s infamous Page Six gossip column.

Released Sept. 23, 2008

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