Bump - Incredible Consequence CD

One of the best young bands in the nation reaches out with this "incredible" debut full-length album! While displaying some musical influences of their hometown of Detroit, Incredible Consequence does the trick in representing the full scope of Bump's sound. While it is a jam-friendly sound with plenty of open space, there's a solid structure comprised of R&B, funk, rock, jazz, and techno elements that listeners can hang their ears on. Altogether, this album proves that Bump is not just another genre-melding quartet, but a fun and fulfilling experience full of soul.

Track Listing:
Part A mp3
Don't Be The Sunrise mp3
The More I See mp3
Concrete Lullaby mp3
Oblique mp3
I Must Say mp3
Last Chance mp3
Antidote mp3
Keep It Close
A Million Reasons Why
Either or Neither
Part E
* hidden track *

Released May 2006