Bruce Hornsby - Non-Secure Connection CD


The 10-track studio effort features guest appearances from artists including James Mercer (The Shins), Justin Vernon and Wayne Pooley (Bon Iver), Jamila Woods, Vernon Reid, and even a posthumous cameo from the late Leon Russell.

"The new album's chromaticism and dissonance quotient is exactly twice as high (three songs featuring that language compared to one and a half on the last record)," Hornsby added in a statement about his forthcoming album with Wednesday's announcement. "I feel like my music has never been a part of any trend that defined any era of music during my 34 years of doing this. I may be wrong, but that's how it feels to me."

While most of the songs to be featured on Non-Secure Connection are new, some were unearthed from previous sessions for the release. "Anything Can Happen", for example, was written and tracked as a demo by Hornsby alongside Leon Russell 25 years ago.


1. Cleopatra Drones
2. Time, The Thief
3. Non-Secure Connection
4. The Rat King (featuring Rob Moose)
5. My Resolve (featuring James Mercer)
6. Bright Star Cast (featuring Jamila Woods and Vernon Reid)
7. Shit's Crazy Out Here
8. Anything Can Happen (featuring Leon Russell)
9. Porn Hour
10. No Limits

Release date 08.14.2020