Brothers Past - This Feeling's Called Goodbye CD

Brothers Past has neatly evolved from a band on the synthetic edges of improv-rock into a stylin' songwriting force with a wide array of music being created. This 2005 album is simply stirring, with a dozen songs that delve into all kinds of moods and atmospheres. Meaningful, sometimes paranoid lyrics are layered over skittish post-rock soundscapes ("Leave The Light On"), mood-shifting electronic rhythms ("Celebrity"), gnarly psuedo-pop-rock ("State Police"), bombastic indie power-crunch ("Too Late Too Call"), and even more variations. An overwhelmingly pleasant, undefineable experience!

1- Leave The Light On mp3
2- One Rabbit Race mp3
3- State Police mp3
4- Celebrity mp3
5- Forget You Know Me mp3
6- Simple Gift of Man mp3
7- Too Late To Call mp3
8- Inhale mp3
9- Words Like Weapons mp3
10- Year Of The Horse mp3
11- Exhale mp3
12- Everything Must Go mp3

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