Brainchild - One Word CD

Brainchild is a four piece band that integrates the feeling of jazz and soul with the intensity of shredding guitar solos. The best way to describe the sound is Brainchild. Tightened vocal harmonies radiate the air as the rhythm section keeps the funk in check. Brainchild has been captivating audiences with their ability to deliver nonstop passion and fun filled excitement from the stage. Their debut release One Word has twists and turns throughout every track leaving you eager for what Brainchild has in store next.

Track list:
1 Beethoven The Dog mp3 sample
2 Green mp3 sample
3 Follow The Mornin' Sun mp3 sample
4 Mace Daddy mp3 sample
5 Bomb Tom mp3 sample
6 Take A Stand mp3 sample
7 Arts Motel mp3 sample
8 Flip Up mp3 sample