Bonerama - Live at The Old Point CD

This New Orleans band's wild stage presence and riotous rhythms will make your whole house shake! Bonerama combines the muscle and freedom of rock and roll with the bright, diverse style of jazz to form one of the most intense sounds you will ever hear. Playing live is what these guys are all about, and their skills are on full display on Live at The Old Point.

1 Bap Bap 05:19
2 Funky Miracle 02:28
3 Blues for Ben 07:59
4 Lil' Darlin' 08:42
5 Moby Dick 04:58
6 Freddie 04:35
7 I'm Tellin' Ya 06:02
8 The Mouse 04:35
9 Bonerama 05:33
10 Frankenstein 12:31

Released 2001