Blue Miracle - Stick It Out CD


*Reduced from 12.00*

Blue Miracle, a staple on the mid-Atlantic music scene, have toured from ME to FL, CO to AK and everywhere in between. Their live shows are incredibly diverse, exploring funk, rock, jazz, and country; winning over fans of Santana, Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, Rusted Root, Government Mule, and Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, all acts they've supported. The debut CD and Stick It Out, have sold over 10,000 copies, and have won airplay on stations nationwide. Blue Miracle was produced by Sandlin (Allmans, Widespread Panic), and Stick It Out by Derryberry (DMB, Ben Folds) and Altshiller (Phish). Currently focused on song writing over touring, expect an onslaught of Miracle music in 1999.

Track Listing:
1. Stir It Around
2. Pain of Change
3. Little Dog
4. Every waking moment
5. Next thing you know
6. Suzie
7. The Grill
8. Heard the News
9. Through the Wall
10. Stick it Out
11. My World
12. Take a Number
13. Every Hour