Bloodkin - Baby They Told Us We'd Rise Again CD

Bloodkin's new album, Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again, was produced by David Barbe (Bettye LaVette, Drive-By Truckers, Sugar). This collection of songs is a stripped down rock & roll record that harkens back to the days where songs were recorded in a single take and relied on the raw energy of 5 guys playing together in a room.

An excerpt from Patterson Hood's (Drive-By Truckers) liner notes:"Bloodkin has been through the fire and persevered and come out the other side better and stronger than I ever thought they'd be. They have landed on the best line up of players they've ever had and seem to have gained a control of their demons that two years ago would have seemed beyond impossible. Instead of packing it in and going home (or dying) they pulled themselves up and made their greatest album in a quarter of a century.Life affirming Rock and Roll in the grandest tradition. This is music to LIVE with and it don't get any better than that."

Released in 2009