BIG Something - Tumbleweed CD


Big Something returns with their 4th full length studio album produced John Custer (Corrosion of Conformity). Recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC - Tumbleweed features 8 tracks that span over an hours worth of mind bending musical entertainment. Through the fascinating work of its shining musicians, Big Something grooves tightly with polished precision. And Tumbleweed offers jam out thrills and audio splendor, but it also showcases just the right amount of variety to keep things fresh and exciting, which is paramount when the songs are between five to ten minutes long. It's an incredibly satisfying, if not innovative, release that fuses alternative rock, psych rock, reggae rock, and funk with sprinkles of electronica and a dash of bluegrass that purrs with enough signature brilliance that makes it sound all their own. Standouts include "Tumbleweed," "Song For Us," "Passenger," "In The Middle," and "Waves." Whether in the studio or live on stage, Big Something remains indomitable, and Tumbleweed is by all definitions the band's most captivating, ambitious work to date.

  1. Tumbleweed listen
  2. Song For Us listen
  3. Passenger listen
  4. Blue Dream listen
  5. The Flood listen
  6. UFOs are Real listen
  7. Waves listen
  8. In The Middle listen

Release date 02.24.2017