Big Daddy Love - This Time Around CD


BDL's new release This Time Around is the first studio album since the 2012 addition of Scott Moss on vocals and acoustic guitar and Scotty Lewis on drums, joining Ashley Sutton on bass guitar, Joey Recchio on electric guitar, and Brian Swenk on banjo. The album was recorded in iconic Woodstock, NY at Applehead Studios in February 2014. With potent lyrics from Moss and Recchio, this remarkable album includes tales of strong family bonds, a love of American adventure, and hometown outlaws. The album features jazz pianist Marco Benevento and Turkuaz from Brooklyn, NY, and all of the album artwork was created by artist Goodloe Byron of Frederick, MD.

Track List:

  1. Nashville Flood listen
  2. The Colour listen
  3. Eunice and the Bear listen
  4. Kerosene listen
  5. Last Night's Dress listen
  6. Smoke Under the Water listen
  7. Home No More listen
  8. Star Spangled Blues listen
  9. Susan listen
  10. Every Other Day listen
  11. Silver and Pearls listen
  12. This Time Around listen