Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out!

Unlikely funk heroes The Beastie Boys spun a lot of heads around when they released "The In Sound From Way Out!" in 1996. Leaving the hip-hop and DJ on the shelf for a moment, the Beasties created one of the most essential and influential instrumental albums of the 1990's, if not in history. This album ranks right up with Medeski Martin and Wood's "Shack Man" and John Scofield's "A Go-Go" as far as documenting the loose, jazzy, independent musical consciousness that swept our scene in the mid 1990s and inspired leigons of funky jazz jambands.

1- Groove Holmes mp3
2- Sabrosa mp3
3- Namaste mp3
4- POW mp3
5- Son of Neckbone mp3
6- In 3's mp3
7- Eugene's Lament mp3
8- Bobo On the Corner mp3
9- Shambala mp3
10- Lighten Up mp3
11- Ricky's Theme mp3
12- Transitions mp3
13- Drinkin' Wine mp3