Balkan Beat Box - Nu Made Remixes CD

Balkan Beat Box's first remix album, Nu Made, a dynamic take on BBB's wildly successful catalogue.

Continuing their quest for a boundary-smashing party, Balkan Beat Box shakes up their intoxicating mix of Gypsy, Jewish, Arabic, and Mediterranean rhythms with a remix album for the dancefloor. Nu Made takes BBB's "syncopated pulse, intoxicating melodies and Semitic harmonies...lifted from ancient traditions" (Washington Post) and fearlessly rearranges them into irresistibly danceable cuts. Nu Made includes remixes of BBB favorites like "Hermetico", "Habibi Min Zaman" and "Digital Monkey."

The album features remixes by Turntables on the Hudson founder Nickodemus, Dub Gabriel, JDub labelmates Soulico, the iMeem/Ableton Live BBB remix contest winners and Balkan Beat Box themselves.

1. Habibi Min Zaman (BBB Remix)
2. Digital Monkey (Soulico Remix)
3. Adir Adirim (Nickodemus Remix)
4. Delancey (Stefanoe Miele Balkan Carnival Remix)
5. Heremtico (Dub Gabriel/Kush Arora Remix)
6. Joro Boro (BBB Remix)
7. Digital Monkey (Cheffy Chef Remix)
8. Red Bula (Mahala Rai Banda vs. BBB)
9. Digital Monkey (Puzzel Remix)
10. Pachima (UBK Remix)
11. Habibi Min Zaman (Mr. Tunes Remix)
12. Ramallah Tel Aviv (Previously Unreleased)

Released 4/7/2009