Assembly of Dust - Recollection CD


Recollection is the third album from Assembly Of Dust and their songwriting master Reid Genauer. With an honest, simple approach, the band (comprised of veteran players Nate Wilson, Andy Herrick, John Leccese, and Adam Terrell) finds a pleasantly grooving space on this album. Recollection enchants the listener with of a combination of classic sounds: the freewheeling instrumental bounce and earthy vocals reminiscent of Genauer's former band, Strangefolk; the storytelling songwriting style of folk masters like Bob Dylan; and the friendly, genuine sounds of soulful 70's rock and roll, among others. Songs like the album-opening "Grand Design" nicely encompass the AOD's range of sounds. An affable rock rhythm is bolstered by pleasant piano and subtle strings, and a sweeping harmonized chorus proves a departure from the plainspoken delivery of the verses. "Telling Sue" chugs along with brushy drums that propel the songs chicken-pickin' country guitar feel. It's a stark contrast to the sprightly piano intro that precedes and interjects itself into the sizzling shuffle of the next track, "Zero To The Skin." "Whistle Clock" is consummate Genauer, his smooth, friendly vocals celebrating life's simple pleasures over a track that consistently changes over 6 and a half minutes. "Samuel Aging" evokes a slightly psychedelic feel with prevalent guitar and a vivid, engrossing story. "40 Reasons" is a classic tear-in-my-beer song of longing that the band handles with deft ease. The mood picks back up with the melodic, mellow funk of "Bootlegger's Advice," and takes a poignant turn on "The Honest Hour." "Truck Farm" gives the listener one more jolt of down-home rock before the graceful "Walking On Water" brings the experience to a close. Recollection's wide range of emotions and aurally satisfying music is sure to put a smile on the face and a spring in the step of any music fan!

-- Bryan Rodgers